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Why you should

percee® is a benefit to both the environment and business. See how the system helps build your organization’s competitiveness

Realistic cost reduction

Percee® represents real savings from day one of system installation.
Their sources are lower energy bills, optimization of equipment operation and automation of BMS systems.

Environmental benefits

To monitor and control energy consumption in real time is to improve energy efficiency and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment and influence the Sustainable Development Goals.

Increase the competitiveness of your company

Through automation and remote management capabilities, percee® streamlines the building manager’s workflow and provides data to enable business analytics and ESG reporting.

See the effects of cooperation

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We know how to get help with project financing

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What they say about us

“The percee system enables pro-saving control of integrated building equipment, from the perspective of powering the facilities, depending on the applied scenario chosen by facility personnel.”

Aquapark "Trzy Fale"


“The Solwena Company, as a subcontractor for the work commissioned by Domotermik, performed all work under the subcontracts concluded, the scope of which included 16 facilities in the municipality of Szemud and nine facilities in the city of Rumia. The scope of work performed included preparation of concept, guideline installation and configuration of percee software.”



“The City Hall in Nowa Ruda has gained a modern energy management system, which allows monitoring of thermal energy consumption, algorithmic savings effects (in the amount of energy consumed and reduced, its cost, measuring the reduction of carbon footprint, etc.).”

Urząd Miasta

Nowa Ruda

“Solwena carried out a thermal modernization project, as a result of which there was a reduction in the demand for energy supplied for heating and hot water and heating for buildings owned by local government units of Sopot, ie: Sopot Visual Arts Center, Youth Cultural Center, Commercial School Complex and 4 municipal kindergartens.”



“Solwena’s system will support the monitoring and management of energy at the municipality’s facilities, the management of local renewable energy sources and the balancing of energy resources in the form of biomass or municipal waste available in the municipality.”

Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences


“The commissioning of the system is going smoothly, and cooperation with Solwena is going very well. We expect significant savings in energy consumption.”

BCB Business Park