by Solwena

Implementation of percee®

The simplicity of the system’s implementation is its competitive advantage, appreciated by customers. Regardless of the implementation model, the implementation process is similar.

Percee® implementation models

percee® can function as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a existing BMS systems. Choose the variant that is right for your business:



Integration of Intelligent Energy Management System. with an existing BMS

We implement and configure the Intelligent Energy Management System while maintaining the existing BMS. One can imagine the IZE System as a significant extension of the BMS functionality.

Example. You have a working BMS and spend 100K a month on energy. By attaching Intelligent Energy Management to the BMS, for example, we will make you save 20-30k per month. Within a year, your account will be left with approx. 300k.



Comprehensive Intelligent Energy Management System with BMS functions

We supervise or project manage the installation of the Intelligent Energy Management System in terms of achieving maximum energy efficiency of equipment in the building, thereby increasing energy savings. We also install the automation and control and measurement apparatus necessary for the operation of the System.

Upon request, we supplement the Intelligent Energy Management System with functions typical of BMS systems. We can also use the IZE System as a virtual BMS by utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) devices to located in the facility.

Example. You need a BMS management system, but you want the system to be comfortable, smart, and as economical as possible. We will design, install and commission an automation system that enables efficient energy management on a local server or in the Internet cloud.


Intermediate variant

Expansion of existing BMS and integration with Intelligent Energy Management System

Based on the client’s goals and requirements, we expand the facility control system by increasing the functionality of the current BMS and integrating it with the Intelligent Energy Management System. Under this option, the facility increases energy savings and gains new functionality while optimizing the size of capital expenditures by using existing equipment.

4 steps to percee®

See how simple it is to implement a complex energy management system.


Identification of needs

In the first stage, we get to know the facility and the needs of its users and
We agree on the parameters that will be covered by the operation of the system.


Project preparation

We then prepare a proposal for the optimal configuration and present you with a system design, including the configuration of the software and physical infrastructure (sensors and controllers).



After getting the manager’s approval, we configure the system and install it at the facility. Usually the installation of physical devices is very simple, usually does not require any construction work.


Commissioning and optimization

After a test run of the system, we support you in optimizing the system
his work. The AI technology used increases the effectiveness of the system with
Each day of its operation.

What are your goals related to
with energy management?

Contact us – we will calculate the benefits for your company.