Why Solwena ?

We provide comprehensive and innovative solution for energy management of a pro-ecological nature, which generate measurable savings for its users.

We use for this purpose dynamic energy management methods, adjusting its consumption to the user’s needs while maintaining a high level of comfort using advanced automation concepts.

With us you can reduce energy costs by up to 20%, and reduce the expenditures of supervision of your facility.


1. Significant reduction of energy costs in the managed facility, even above 20%.

2. Possibility of monitoring and analysis of energy consumption in the facility over its entire lifetime, also broken down into tenants.

3. Ability to integrate with external IT/Colud systems:

The IZE system is based on industrial automation controllers, but it can also use the BMS type system installed
The IZE system can be linked to an access control system, so that information about access events extends the logic of energy management

4. Tools for supervising the efficiency and performance of technical systems in a building in one place.

The IZE system offers a functional dashboard that allows unified display of the operating parameters of connected devices that are part of the building's equipment, and - where it is reasonable - also directly control these devices.

5. Collection of data useful for making optimal investment and modernization decisions.

6. Technical alarm management transferring important events in the facility, including failures, to the technical staff.

The system shows information relevant for monitoring and management of energy consumption.
The system uses proven solutions in the field of industrial automation and the latest IT technologies.
The metalanguage used in IZE allows the system to be adapted to the needs of the users and tenants of the facility.
Dynamic energy management, implemented on the basis of our system, allows you to achieve measurable savings of energy costs, not available by other methods.
The system is based on internet technologies, which allows free access to the systems and information contained in the internet cloud and the use of the Internet as a communication infrastructure of the system.
While building our system, we paid attention to meeting various technical, business and organizational security requirements.


1. The IZE system operates both on standard automation controllers, which allows the introduction of the cost-optimal control of the facility. Some functionalities of IZE are common with the BMS (Building Management System) systems available on the market.

2. The IZE system could be also integrated with the BMS system selected by the investor, details of a such integration are part of the IZE implementation process.

3. The IZE system uses information from other systems, like access control system or fire alarm system.

4. The architecture of the IZE system allows its implementation both directly in the client's IT environment and Cloud model, which reduces the internal costs of system maintenance.



1. The implementation of the IZE system is a flexible process tailored to the client's needs and using the advanced control methods developed by the Solwena specialists.

2. The implementation process follows a plan developed jointly with the client and may take into account the investment phase of the facility.


1. The security requirements for the IZE system are key criteria taken into account at the stage of development of the system itself and its implementation.

2. The IZE system ensures ongoing monitoring of the health of devices connected to the system and informs users or operators of the facility about technical problems.

3. The IZE system is designed in a way that allows the facility to function in case of a system failure e.g. problems with Internet. Despite the lack of implementation of the energy-saving function, users will have access to key technical functions of the facility ensuring normal comfort of use.

4. The IZE system documents all events related to system operations and equipment statuses, which allows to track sources of problems and events preceding failure.


1. The operator of the facility has information about the failure immediately after its occurrence, which will allow removal of the problem before it is reported by the user.

2. Safety of the IZE system implementation consists of adequate user documentation, user training and system maintenance.

3. The IZE system allows monitoring of the time of failure removal and related events, which increases the level of security and reduces the facility maintenance costs.

4. Information about the occurrence and removal of the failure may be sent on a regular basis to the user or tenant, which increases their information comfort.

Application IZE

To best use our knowledge and experience in energy management, we have created a proprietary specialist application that allows free control of the building, from any place where the Internet reaches. This application responds to environmentally-friendly and economical market trends, and will allow in the future for active participation in innovative methods of managing the energy market (Demand Response). The advanced analysis tools included in the application and access to all data related to the operation of the building allow you to assess in detail how we consume energy and where it can be further reduced.