Energy modernization of 25 public buildings of the city of Sopot
We participate in the project as a subcontractor of ENGIE, a private partner selected by the City of Sopot to implement the project "Energy modernization of public buildings of the city of Sopot". The project includes 25 buildings in Sopot. In the project, we proposed to ENGIE the implementation of IZE, providing monitoring and active management of energy consumption in these buildings. The project implemented by ENGIE also includes replacement of lighting and thermo-modernization of buildings, which in total will ensure heat savings of up to 49% and lighting savings of up to 60%. Solar cells will be installed in 15 buildings, the operation of which will also be monitored by our system.
The IZE system will enable, among other things, remote reading of temperatures in the buildings covered by the project, and then control of the heating system of the rooms in such a way that optimal temperatures are ensured for the users. The system will automatically lower the room temperature to the permissible minimum value during breaks in use.
The project also includes the creation of a visualization of the system's operation, obtained savings and information motivating energy users to respect buildings.
As a result of the project, the City of Sopot will achieve a real reduction in energy bills in the amount of over PLN 1 million a year, and the amounts saved will be used to pay off the costs of this investment.
Project Biostrateg
As a technology supplier, we will implement the IZE system for the needs of a consortium implementing the project "New eco-energy technologies for sustainable development of rural areas and low-emission agricultural production", also functioning under the name Tech-Rol. The IZE system in this project will provide monitoring and energy management in municipal facilities, local renewable energy sources and balancing of energy resources available in the municipality in the form of biomass or municipal waste.
Ultimately, as part of the project, a management model for municipal energy clusters will be created. The project is carried out jointly with the company Bluetomation, a participant of the Consortium, whose leader is the Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk.
The project is co-financed under the Biostrateg Program, in the area of ​​"Protection of biodiversity and sustainable development of agricultural production space". The main objective of the project is the development of knowledge in the areas of agricultural municipalities in the use of eco-energy and increasing energy efficiency. The program is to stimulate the growth of innovation and competitiveness of the Polish economy, and the result of the projects implemented under the Program will be development and preparation of implementation of new products, techniques and technologies and a whole range of other solutions applicable in the fields covered by the program.
Hotel Haffner ****
Hotel in Sopot. Modernization of ventilation units and introduction of our IZE system.
BCB – the Baltic Business Center
A building of 12,000 m2. The IZE system has been implemented in its entirety.

On the BCB2 object, the IZE system works with all field devices (air handling units, chillers, boiler rooms, air dampers, fan coil units, SKD system, lighting control, energy meters reading, water meter readout, reading data from ATS), as well as reads sensor states - openings doors, window openings and motion sensors.

In the area of the tenant, the third floor additionally controls the internal window blinds.

As a result of the savings algorithms (time optimization of the inclusion of the necessary equipment to maintain comfort in the building), we managed to reduce energy consumption by over 20%.