About us

Solwena Ltd. was established in 2016 in Gdańsk as a spin-off of Solwit Inc. - a company with extensive experience in creating and testing IT solutions and providing software services for clients of various industries. Solwena was founded for comprehensive and innovative solutions in the area of energy management of pro-ecological nature, which generate measurable savings for their users. The company is currently implementing the Intelligent Energy Management System (IZE) for commercial buildings. This is a proprietary solution of programmers and automation specialists employed in our company. The product is ready for implementation and was launched for the first time in the Baltic Business Center.

Our new system is a response to Directive 2010/31 / EU on the energy performance of buildings. The provisions of this directive set the direction for changes regarding the implementation of solutions and the promotion of low-energy construction, while taking into account the optimal level in terms of costs and stimulated policy of the future, which main objective will be to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

The most important changes in the new Directive 2010/31 / EU to introduce in the regulations:
Introducing a "near-zero energy" building definition, a building subject to major renovation and a "cost-optimal level" considering the lowest cost obtained during the estimated economic life cycle of the building.
New requirements relating to technical installations in buildings - both new and modernized.
Stricter rules for new buildings, so that they would be “near-zero energy” from January 1 2021 (public buildings from 1 January 2019).

In order to implement the requirements of the directive, the construction industry will be forced to undertake extensive adjustment activities. They cannot be limited to passive systems consisting in increasing thermal insulation. In summer, energy consumption, especially electricity, often exceeds heating costs. This applies to all European Union countries. For this reason, we propose our project product to EU markets, which are already in the process of implementing it today, and are faster to introduce appropriate regulations than Poland.

There is a need to introduce a solution to the growing problems of balancing the supply and demand for energy in the energy system. Due to the fact that energy consumption in buildings reaches the level of 40% (heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation) and at the same time is the highest among the major sectors of the economy, additional regulations have been introduced leading to systematic and well-thought-out investments in improving the energy performance of buildings reflecting successive reduction of energy demand in this sector.

This leads to the concept of introducing energy consumption management. These are not yet solutions used in Poland, but used in other countries. This type of activity from energy suppliers is referred to as Energy Demand Management Programs or Demand Response (DR). Typical building management systems found on the market (BMS - Building Management Systems) also allow control of devices installed in the building, including air conditioning and heating, however, determining the way - the control algorithm of these devices is left to the user of the facility, who in most cases is unable to accomplish this in an optimal way (system settings are matched primarily to user comfort requirements, are not always adjusted to working time and often ignore the impact of extraordinary events on energy consumption).

The Power Market Law currently introduces the so-called reduction unit, which in part functionally corresponds to DR programs. The use of the IZE system in a building allows the entire facility to be transformed into a manageable reduction unit (for larger buildings) or a combination of several smaller buildings in such a unit.

Our system is a specialized automation system, equipped with dedicated control software, aimed at:
active management of energy consumption
energy generation management from available sources
preventing energy waste in all its forms

The system ensures direct, unattainable by other methods, reduction of energy consumption and allows us to use the possibilities of influencing the energy consumption in the building to provide services to energy system operators. Currently, as we mentioned above, the System is being introduced in the Baltic Business Center. We want to start our international expansion from presenting our product at international fairs.

These will be the Smart City Expo in Barcelona and CEBIT in Hannover, places where modern technologies are presented by all major companies. We think nobody can miss these events. We want the implementation of this project to contribute to the recognition of our company and new product in the international dimension.